Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Artist Bio -- Sept 16, .09

I was born in New Haven County in 1944.  I was raised in Watertown and have lived in Litchfield County for most of my life.   I recently moved to Torrington after living for 14 years in Litchfield.

My primary work is painting in watercolor and drawings done with  BIC mechanical pencils.  I’m also a Calligrapher/Illuminator.  In watercolor, I do long, drawn-out, carefully considered studio still life paintings.  Being in Nature and Painting outdoors is one of my greatest pleasures – time & weather permitting – where I do small and rapid landscape/townscape paintings for the joy of painting,  as art practice, emotional therapy, spiritual meditation, a small getaway from the ordinary....
I’ve studied art at Paier School of Art in Hamden CT, the Art Student’s League NYC, many classes at the Washington Art Association, with private teachers and artist family and friends.  At the Washington Art Association, I studied plein air watercolor painting for 2 years with Arthur Getz who was known for his 700plus New Yorker covers and 1 year plein air night-time painting with Matt Gonzales.  In 2007, I took a 5 day watercolor workshop with nationally-known watercolor artist Tony Couch.

I’ve shown my work locally for many years.  In 2006, one of my paintings was selected for the Connecticut Artists show at the Mattatuck Museum, Waterbury, CT.  In 2007 I  had a solo watercolor show at a private gallery in NYC.  In August I was nominated as an Elected Artist at the Kent Art Association, Kent CT.

Below see examples of my BIC drawings, quick watercolor sketches and a Still Life painting.

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