Saturday, July 10, 2010

Yesterday’s Painting Outside! Session was held on the Green, in Milton, CT.

Some people refer to Milton as Brigadoon, a mythical lost town in Scotland, title of a hit Musical....  The first time I came upon Milton was many years ago, on a foggy early spring day enjoying a mystery-ride with a friend, looking for a shortcut from Cornwall to Litchfield.  I can well understand why people refer to Milton as Brigadoon as that was what I was reminded of when my friend and I drove through heavy mist and forest until we came to a clearing and stopped the car.  We were stopped on the Green where we marveled at the old time-y look and feel of the center of Milton with its 2 old churches (one 1700's, the other mid 1800's, I think), old schoolhouse, town hall and the large Green in the center of all these buildings.  There used to be a building that had been a store and another that was, perhaps, a small hotel but which are now private dwellings.

Until the sun got high yesterday and lit-up all our shade, the Green in Milton was a great place to spend a morning working on a study.  It wasn’t exactly cool, but the weather was starting to shift and the worst of the humidity was out of the air.  We even had a few specklings of rain, but nothing where we needed to run for cover or even stop our work.  Everyone in the class did a similar study, from slightly different angles and everyone did a worthy painting.  Even those who may personally think they did not....

The amount of possible subject matter just from where we sat was almost overwhelming.  A person could commit to painting there and only there and never run out of material.

I’ve enjoyed this group of women enormously.  We had great conversations and discussions about Painting and also about our lives.  We’ve had pleasant painting adventures in a variety of places and made lots of memories.  I was sorry to see the session end, sorry the group is breaking up, really glad we all came together in this space of time to paint together and  hope we see each other again, in the Future.

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