Monday, September 13, 2010

September 10,'10


View from the Community Center

 Painting Outside! – Litchfield Community Center,

The first Painting Outside! Class for Autumn and what a reminder of the coming Autumn it was.  We were happily settled and working in a chilly, pale-sun day when the sky grew dark and there was a little rain.  No one moved, we all kept working.  Five minutes later, patches of blue began appearing in the sky, especially behind the barn.  Do we know the weather around here or what!

The value pattern on this painting was established with a neutral mix of Ultramarine Blue, Cadmium Red and Cadmium Yellow.  The middle ground went down first, then the sky and the foreground last.  It was hard doing the sky because it was changing rapidly in front of us.  I got around to doing mine just as the blue patches began to appear.  We used more gray and darks in the middle ground, even with color, a little gray in the sky and a lot less gray in the foreground.

Small painting of the scene in photo
De-saturated version

I had a great time and enjoyed meeting and working with my new students.

Next week, Topsmead!

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