Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday October 8, ‘10 -- Lourdes Shrine, Litchfield

Lourdes Shrine, Congregational Church Steeple
Our view

What a great Fall morning to be painting outside!  The class met this morning at Lourdes Shrine – a place of great serenity –  in Litchfield, CT.

A place close by for many years where I’ve never been.  Just driving up the driveway to the parking lot I spotted many great painting possibilities and felt greatly enthusiastic.  The sunshine enhanced my mood as we’ve had 6 days of cold, gray and rain and a heavy heart at the thought of daylight savings time being over and winter coming so soon.  When the class assembled, we strolled around a bit, trying to find a place of inspiration where we could sit in the sun, as it was cool and windy this morning.  We strolled in one direction, then another and finally settled on a place to sit and paint pretty much where we started from.  At the edge of the parking lot where we could see the spire of the Congregational Church poking out over the trees a little to the west of where we were.  Go figure....

I didn’t get too far on my painting because I was busy helping one of the ladies who was somewhat stuck.  I think she had a breakthrough, so we’re both happy.  I really like what I’ve done so far and will probably leave this painting alone and try for a more ‘complete’ painting in the future.

While we were working, a man wearing a clerical collar and workman’s clothing approached, introduced himself and welcomed us.  One of the priests representing the order that runs the shrine.  He also obliged and snapped a few photos of us with my camera and another woman’s camera.  I’ll bet he’s used to that.

It was a pleasant place to work for the views, the serenity, the welcoming priest and atmosphere in general.  The parking lot was almost full by 10am with cars and a few buses filled with schoolchildren.  Soon we heard the sound of Mass being held in the Grotto.  Mass outside, Painting outside – a lovely way to work and I’m not even Catholic.

I always leave a class feeling good but the feeling good today was over the top.  I like it when that happens.

Painting Outside! at Lourdes Shrine

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