Saturday, November 13, 2010

November 13, ‘10

Another Saturday with great weather.  The high today is 63, with little wind and clear blue skies.  More like Spring today than Fall.  We’ve been painting at the farm since early Aug and haven’t yet had a Saturday with bad weather.  What a gift these Saturdays have been.

We got to work this morning around 10 and sat close to the apple storage in a spot where we were sure to have sun for the few hours we were there.  It was heavenly just to be there.  As ususal, I feel tension easing away the minute I turn on the road to the farm and feel fully present in the Now by the time I arrive to where we plan to work that day.

I’m happy with this small sketch, approx 5 x 9.  I drew in my main elements using a brush and a thin mix of Indigo as my base or ‘mother’ color.  I’m liking the Indigo for this time of year because it best expresses cool earth and shadows for me.  I’m learning to use much more water and to my advantage.  I’m learning to plan my passages and work from my plan.  I’m keying my painting to the middle ground, like I learned in Tony Connor’s class in Vermont at the end of Sept.  I’m enjoying the process of the work and the child-like sense of freedom in the creation of a scene on paper.  I love to draw with a pencil or charcoal but am enjoying the freedom and simplicity of sketching in my basic elements with brush and thin paint.

I feel that my painting is changing, evolving –  and am a satisfied participant in the process.  I’m enjoying the memories of this morning that are incorporated into this small painting.  I’m enjoying that Painting Outside! is not yet over for this year.  Hopefully, we’ll have another great weather Saturday next week, too.

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