Monday, January 25, 2010

Culvert St Series 8

 I enjoyed the possibilities for tree limbs and branches from the study I did earlier so decided to do another scene from the dining room window for my Culvert St series.

After the liquid frisket dried, I wet down the entire sky area and floated in a tint of CY and a tint of AC from the rooftop area to the top of the paper.  The paper was very wet; I’d put down the water so the paper was highly saturated and the tint seemed to be floating above the paper.  I started adding the blue from the top of the paper.  Shown here is the result of two thin layers of color followed by a thicker layer of blue in the upper left hand corner.

I’ve deepened tone and increased intensity mostly by using GBB or UB and BS, sometimes BU.  I also noticed that I’d forgotten to add a panel under the eaves on the porch roof.  In general, I fussed more with detail, made changes, built up tone and colored light.  I like the tree branch and I’m happy with the gable on the mid-ground house.  It’ll be interesting to see how this painting looks with the tree finished and a few other things like the bushes and the bit of grass that’s showing in the bottom left hand corner.

I wasn’t happy with the blue of the sky so I glazed it with UB particularly in the upper left hand corner.  I also added many accents throughout the painting using UB.  I used UB and CO on the part of the street that isn’t covered with shadow which was a great mix to get a kind of dull shine.  I made an attempt to fix the porch on the nearest house.  I added more color to the near rooftops and the far chimney.  After I took the photo but before I removed the frisket, I drew in more branches so that they’ll appear as if behind the ones that are covered with masking.  

I removed the masking with a Pink Pearl and my fingers.  This painting is still in process....


Feb 3, '10 

Here's the final version of Culvert St 8.  I thought it was finished but as I was working some Prussion Blue into #10, I saw where it might benefit this painting, so glazed in a few areas which made the entire painting feel cooler and gave it a little more depth.  The thing I'm happiest with in this painting is the way the branch came out from using liquid frisket and also from the enjoyment of painting the less prominent branches.....

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