Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Study 011910 -- Culvert St.

#1 Drawing.  I've separated the drawing into areas; the background where the pencil lines are darkest, the middle ground between the pine tree and the background; the middle foreground in front of the pine tree.  I've tried to keep the shapes simple, as if they were cut out with scissors as if patches of fabric to be sewn together into a quilt-piece.  I know my lines aren't straight and that it would've looked better had I used a ruler.  Next time....

#2.  Using GGBlack, I've separated each individual block into space with the items farther away being the darkest.  The lightest area, the portion of the house and roof in the foreground, were done with the lightest amount of the gray.  This photo hasn't been de-saturated; this is the way it appeared in a color photo.

#3 Photo is the same as #2 except without the pencil lines, which I erased with a Pink Pearl Eraser.   I set down a highly tinted sky background using CY and AC.  Highly tinted means a lot of water and a minuscule amount of pigment.  It was such a slight amount of pigment that it doesn't show in the photo.  The lightest area (CY) was placed at the peak of the foreground rooftop.  The tint of AC was spread out to the left of the yellow and I finished it off with GGBlack with a little UB added -- to keep it light, also dull.

#4  I want to keep this a low key painting to commemorate this low key day, so I mixed a neutral gray using UB and BS.  The  lightest area (foreground house wall) was painted using more BS in the gray mix.  I darkened this mix for the breezeway behind the house and darkened it with increasing amounts of UB when I did the two houses beyond the pine tree.  I had a puddle of GGB left on the pallet and used bits of that in the middle ground and background.  I used the UB/BS mix (in the nature of a very light tint) to re-do the sky area -- I used more in the lh corner and lightened it up as I got closer to the light area over the roof.  I used up the puddle of GBB and the UB/BS mix to fill in the tree behind the breezeway and some of the window openings.  For the shadow under the eaves, I used GBB with a little added UB -- more in the foreground shadow, less in the breezeway shadow.

#5  I haven't touched the walls of the 2 foreground houses but did fill in the roof color a little more.  When I did the roofs the 1st time, I worked from front to back* grading the wash from a heavy application of paint to a lighter application as I got closer to the roof line.  When I did the roofs a 2nd time, I mixed for color and started applying it a 3rd of the way down from the top, easing it into, blending it into the dark.  I worked quickly so that I could then ease the top part of the new wash into the top part of the roof.  I tweaked some of the details; shadows, windows, the pine tree and the maple fanning out over the middle ground behind the maple.  Since today is a low-key, misty kind of day, I'm leaving the painting as is.

*I turned the painting upside down so I was able to grade the wash from the heavier application of paint to the lighter....



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