Thursday, March 3, 2011

Framing Winter Blues

Part of this morning’s work was to find a frame for this painting.  Another thing was to find the brochure for the show and the exact date for receiving this painting.  March 12, next week and not March 19 as I’d been thinking all along.  Good thing I looked.

As I’m presently low on funds, I won’t be making a new matte or frame for this painting.  I’ve decided to use a matte and frame from a painting already in a matte and frame.  I’m decommissioning the former painting and replacing it with Winter Blues.  

Six years ago, my sister and I made many frames for a series of my work that I showed in a friend’s gallery in NYC.  They were cheap and simple to make and relatively easy to finish.  After she and I built the frames, I finished them.  I used Acrylic pigment and Gesso.  I primed them all in 2 coats of Gesso, the 2nd coat having the base color in it as well.  My 3rd coat was comprised of polyurethane, water and pigment so I could faux grain it, the last layer was thicker paint and poly/water, often spattered on the frame with an old brush or a swan feather I found near a pond.  I call them my ‘Jackson Pollock’ frames because there was a lot of physical energy and paint applied fast and loose and with a variety of tools and methods in the final finish.  There were some random results in the finish I really liked.  There were 30 or so frames and each one is unique.   I actually had fun finishing these frames.  

Now that I have the painting temporarily taped to the glass,  I find that I like the way this frame looks with this painting and I also feel that I don’t want to refinish the frame but leave it as it is.  Seeing how the painting needs to be ready next week, not the 2 more weeks I thought, it seems a no-brainer.

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