Monday, March 28, 2011

Winds of Change? or Nuclear Meltdown Anxiety...


Another day of wind, chilly temp, wind-chill factor and strong sunlight.

I've been reading the news; I'm feeling a vague yet disturbing sense of alarm and anguish at the spreading radiation from the disaster in Japan.  I read that 'Tiny' amounts of radiation have been found Las Vegas and in rain in Massachusetts.  My sister lives in MA.  I live in CT.  I'm skeptical, hoping that indeed the amount is 'tiny' but I'm somewhat doubtful that this is true.   Thoughts of what might be in the today's wind, yesterday's rain & spreading rapidly around the world is making me feel uneasy.   And sad.  And angry.

In the past few hours, while I've been pondering my nuclear- meltdown-anxiety, I've also been focussed on transferring my original graph-paper drawing to Watercolor paper.  I used a fine-point purple Sharpie to trace the original drawing onto graph paper, a #6 lead pencil to darken the lines on the back of the tracing and a ball point pen to draw over the purple lines onto the watercolor paper.  

Let the painting begin.  There's little fear of nuclear meltdown in the world of  my work.  


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