Monday, March 1, 2010

Culvert St 030110

This is a photo of the drawing and the 1st wash.  It's difficult to tell that I used Raw Sienna for the sky and  a mix of RS and GGB for the houses.

It wasn't a great day to be working on a  painting as I was trying to get a lot of other things done.  I was interrupted by several phone calls and a knock on my door which turned out to be the FireWarden.  I thought he was here to make sure I had a working smoke detector -- which I do and he believed me but that wasn't why he'd stopped by.   He said he'd been in the basement and noticed that there was water that he believed may be sewerage backing up.  I told him I wasn't having any kind of problem, if I had, I'd have called the landlord.  He told me he'd call the landlord, which was fine with me because they can talk guy talk to each other.  The Fire Warden was very nice and we had a ten to fifteen minute chat.


The most fun part of this painting was the sky.  After the Raw Sienna was was dry,  I re-wet the sky area and started working in the blue.  As per usual, I can see after-the-fact that I could've used far more blue than I did.  At the time, however, sitting in my sunny window, the amount I used seemed to match my feelings about  how I felt about the blue sky today.  I also had a good time making dark or light, cool or warm grays with GGB mixing in a cool or warm color.  Some of the grays have more blue, some have red or Raw Sienna and in some of the warmer areas, I used a mix of warm or cool violet for the shadows.

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