Wednesday, March 10, 2010

This is a sketch I did today at a place where I work.  I really enjoyed working on this drawing because today was sunny and warm.  I couldn't find one of my favorite BIC mechanical pencils in my bag or anywhere in my car so I used a ball point pen with black ink that I found in my purse with my checkbook. 

I've always loved Vincent van Gogh's drawings and used to study them often.  I read his letters many years ago and one of the things that impressed me was one where he's telling his brother how he'd  pick reeds from a swamp and then with a pocket knife, shape a reed into a writing instrument and use it to create a drawing.  He may have been trying to save money on art supplies, trying to impress his brother with his frugality.  I think that Vincent would have liked this ball point pen because I never had to pause to dip it in ink or fill it with watercolor.  I just drew, non-stop.  It had a nice liquid 'expressive' feel to it, although I don't consider the marks nearly as beautiful as those Vincent van Gogh made with a reed pen.

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