Sunday, March 28, 2010

Culvert St. March 27, 2010

Another Culvert St painting.  Number 14.  Six to go.

I decided to do this window scene after the 2 I did earlier in the series, when it was Winter.  I’ve often seen this sight full of gray sky and snow; a few days ago, with a beautiful spring day as inspiration, I saw the snow and gray replaced with bright blue, ‘snowing’ red buds.

I’m also calling it an exercise in masking-out.  I used liquid frisket for the tree and buds, masking tape for the window edges.

I'm considering the background done, for the most part.

Here it is, in color & Black and White,  with the frisket removed.  The next part of the painting will be to do the limbs and buds.  To be continued....

And here it is later, with some of the buds.

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