Sunday, February 6, 2011

Plastic/Psychological continued



Feb 6, ‘11

During the course of the day (yesterday) I worked this experiment to the point as shown.   Looking at what I’ve done so far, I think that the final outcome is overworked but since this is an experiment, that’s ok.  As I said before, this is a place to make ‘mistakes’.  This heavy sketch paper can only take so much glazing; I’ve applied approx 3 glazes in different areas....  There’s much I like about what I’ve done, psychologically and plastically – and much I don’t.  I’m going to hang this experimental painting close-by to peruse, encounter, think about, take me by surprise –  as I live and work around it for the next few days.  I’ll be working on the painting by being aware of my thoughts and responses.  I’ve made the decision that it’s going to be worked on a quarter sheet and am anticipating the work, anticipating using the paint and brushes – all the tools–  on a quality sheet of watercolor paper.  I’m overall happy with what I’ve done so far and will be thinking about changes I’d like to make when I turn this idea into a painting for a show.

Right off the bat, I’m not happy with the warmth of the Blue I used.  Ultramarine.  Needs to be cooler....  I’m very happy with the middle-ground area, I’m happy with the tree, I’m happy with the thought that I like it now and know I can make it better.

I had a moment of spontaneity/inspiration yesterday with this painting.  I was dressed to go out and ready to step out the door, hand on the doorknob....  I caught a quick glimpse of the painting and felt strongly that I needed to add some blue to the foreground to mark hold that thought.  I needed to stop and make a symbol of the quick thought/sense I felt about this painting when it caught my eye.  In my coat, gloves, boots, I quickly added the intense blue in the foreground.  I’m now pondering the blue, reading it as if words I wrote in a dream journal, waiting for it to make sense.  

I enjoyed being there to capture a moment of Inspiration from the Right side of my brain/the Universe.  While I’m waiting for Inspiration,  I’m going to metaphorically chop wood and literally  wash dishes, do some cooking.....  And cut the paper I need for the painting and tape it to the board.

Today is sunny and at 8:30 am, 34◦.  Warm!  I’m going to my mom’s for lunch and if all goes well, if I hustle and I get organized, I'll leave early and spend some time sketching or photographing at the farm. 



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