Monday, February 14, 2011

Plastic/Psychological -- final experiment

Monday Feb 14, ‘11

Maybe the ground hog was right, maybe spring is coming early.  The temp at 10am is 43 degrees, well over freezing and that is something new for this winter of ‘11.  Today and yesterday felt as though the siege of winter had been lifted.  

I’ve done an Experiment #3 which I liked to well I decided to do a #4, which has been the best for me, so far.  I continually felt a sense of Eureka! (I’ve found it!) as I spent all day yesterday working on it and enjoying the process.

I wasn’t pleased with the results using Cerulean Blue, Aliziran Crimson and Aureolin Yellow so switched to Pthalo Blue for my blue.

I used Pthalo Blue (PB), Alizarin Crimson (AC) and Aureolin Yellow (AY) to create color and tone.  The PB/sky wasn’t bright enough so when that area was bone dry, I worked in a glaze of Ultramarine Blue (UB) in the top rh corner.  

I added finishing-off details using a steel pen-nib loaded with dark and thick-enough paint to flow through the nib to finish this painting, mostly in the tree and also in the shadow between the snow and the roof (center foreground), the window....  

Experiment #4 is my official new working copy.   I’ve made some changes in the composition – mostly, tilted the foreground buildings in an exaggerated manner, tilted the angle of the middle ground buildings so that they slightly oppose the tilt in the foreground,  have in mind a few things I want to add; a chimney and shadow to the roof in the right fore middleground, snow clinging to the branches of the tree....  

I’m pleased with this painting, it’s at a place where it feels ‘right’, is aesthetically pleasing to me, expresses my initial idea and all my thoughts and feelings since, feels like a balance between psychological (me) /plastic (paint and tools); I  feel eager to get on to the next step, transfer the image to a 11 ½” x 15"  piece of watercolor paper.    

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