Sunday, February 7, 2010

Biggie Tulip Study II

Here’s another study featuring the tulips I bought a few days ago.  The buds are a little more open than yesterday.   I’ve changed the position of the tulips on the table and my viewpoint from my chair.  I’ve enjoyed a sense of spontaneity, planning, drawing, outlining, shading....  I’ve enjoyed rearranging the angles of the room and the furniture in order to accommodate  the tulips as well as the farther away window & drawn curtain with natural light filtering through.

In my last Culvert St painting I used a soluble watercolor pencil to do the initial drawing.  I liked that so much I used one in the initial drawing for this painting – the Prussian Blue.  I like the smooth way the pencil glides over the rough paper,  like the way the drawing line  dissolves/disperses as I go over it with a liner brush full of GBB,  line or wash.  I like the clean look of this drawing.

It’s cold out today; 14 degrees and windy at 11a.m.  I need to go out for awhile and I’m not looking forward to it; actually, I’m procrastinating....  Nice to have this painting to think about as I’m grocery shopping, to look forward to working on again when the outside needs of the day are met.



I had no intention of adding in so much detail --  the design painted on the table --  when I started this painting but somewhere along the line, it needed to be there so I put it in.  If nothing else, I was vastly amused at how it all worked out and how it looked to me.  The design painted on the table is my copy of Picasso's The Dreamer.  I think that the original Picasso The Dreamer was recently damaged in Las Vegas, by the person who owns the painting now and even though it's worth millions, it's worth millions less than it was before it was accidentally torn.  I've always loved that painting which is why I copied it onto my coffee table.  I'm pretty sure it was Picasso who advocated not to 'borrow' from other artists but to STEAL; so I was following his advice.   

I did a series of watercolors using some part of the design in the table as background ten or so years ago.  Getting into the design, incorporating it into this new paintng, felt so familiar as well as so new.  Or maybe I feel updated.

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