Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ground Hog Day

Finally, at last....  Ground Hog Day.  6 weeks from Solstice, 6 weeks to Spring!

At the beginning of winter I felt adequately prepared, accepting even, said Bring it On.  Three  weeks ago, wondered, is it over yet?  Could it please be taken away?.... (as if....)   Today, there’s a leap of hope in my heart because my part of Earth is 6 weeks away from Spring.  I’m ready.

I have to admit, this Winter hasn’t been as bad as some others I’ve remembered while riding out this winter in my chair thinking about past winters.   And for that, I’m truly grateful.  But, as relatively benign as it’s been, I’m truly tired of Winter.

I’m tired of ice, black and white.  I’m tired of the relentless cold.  I’m tired of storm-dread.  I’m tired of winter food, winter clothes, winter dirt, winter car problems, plastic over my windows....

6 weeks until Spring!  Bring it On!          

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