Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Culvert St Feb 24, '10


 Feb 24, '10

I started this painting yesterday, when snow was falling.  I finished it this afternoon when there was no snow or rain in the air.  We're expecting more snow tonight, so perhaps I'll get another chance to do a snow painting.

I've been in a reflective frame of mind these days and I think this painting will serve me as a good reminder.  This winter has been dark and cold; I'm thinking eagerly toward spring.

I'm pleased with the tone of this painting; it's something I've been looking for, somehow.  I think I mixed enough of this gray tone to last me through the spring; it'll be interesting to see how it  works, how I like it -- or not. 

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  1. It looks wonderful and even though more snow is on the way It feels like spring isn't far behind. I think Albert is very cute. :)